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Re: Re: Adult with CHD


Thank you for writing! I am in Kennewick, WA. I went to Children's in Seattle until I was 25. I was then sent to UW Medical Center to Dr. Karen Stout. How is your daughter doing?

Just FYI, I don't get a chance to check my email very often, so if you write and I don't respond right away, I probably just havent read it yet. :) I'm starting to get quite a few responses, so I'll try to check it more often. Keep in touch!

Best Regards,


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Truly, you are an inspiration.

My daughter also has VSD, COA, but she has already had her mitral valve replaced.

Just curious, where abouts in WA are you?

Healthy Hearts,
mom to Cassidy 2 yrs (VSD, CoA, Prosthetic MV, SAS, TP)

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