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Special brochures for Kids

HI all! MedicAlert has just started distributing special brochures to tell about their bracelets just for kids, I have a bunch I can send out for those who are still looking for a medical bracelet for their child. And the old brochures still work too for kids and adults! These new brochures were just made to show all the kid designs. Email me your mailing address if interested and I will be shipping them out next week...any questions just email me or visit our website listed below!

Lara--now an RN because of my son Ryan (7.5 yrs)HLHS,ADHD,and spoiled rotten!

*I am a MedicAlert Ambassador--Email me your mailing address for a free brochure! PROCEEDS FROM NEW MEMBERSHIPS ARE DONATED TO CHD CAUSES.
Visit our bracelet webpage!

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