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Re: Re: Correlation between heart medications & refusal to eat?

Hi Christina,
Thanks for replying. I know how upsetting it is when your baby won't eat, especially after going through the stress of open heart surgery. Reflux can be a nightmare. I hope your son is doing well, eating problems and reflux aside. Are you getting any feeding therapy? Have they talked about doing a G-tube instead of the NG tube? It can be so scary when you are worried about trying to keep the weight on, particularly with a cardiac baby.

Unfortunately I have not found much information correlating heart medicines with not eating. I asked Kara's cardiologist about it, and he feels that it is unlikely that the medicine is the cause of the problem. She just had a checkup and he took her off of the enalapril and told me that she would most likely be able to go off of the lasix in 3 months and the digoxin 3 months after that if all goes well. I also spoke with Kara's cardiac surgeon, who didn't say much about a correlation, but did say it would be interesting to see if there are any changes in her eating after she goes off all of the heart meds.
In the meantime, we are trying to find a feeding therapy approach that works for her.

The yahoo group is:

Kara is on Neocate due to a possible milk protein allergy and has done pretty well on it. Her reflux also seems to be pretty much under control now that she is on 30mg of Prevacid a day. We saw a dramatic improvement after the Prevacid dosage was increased (She takes it 2x a day). How much prevacid is Owen on?

I will let you know if I come up with anything else showing a correlation. Keep me updated on your son's progress.

Best of luck,

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