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Correlation between heart medications & refusal to eat?

I have a question and wondered if anyone in this group may have an
answer or any input. Just to give a little backround, my daughter Kara (who is now 6 months old) had 3 open heart surgeries to repair multiple CHDs and we were in the hospital for 7 weeks. Her heart is functioning great now. She came home w/ an NG tube for supplementation, and soon gradually started refusing bottles to the point that she was taking nothing by mouth. We assumed it was reflux and a possible food allergy, so after visiting w/ GI, got her on higher reflux meds and hypoallergenic formula.

No improvement w/ the eating, but we finally meds right and the reflux seemed to get a lot better. Kara got a G-tube on 6/21 and it has been SO much better than the NG tube. We started feeding therapy through Early Intervention and are working on Kara's oral
defensiveness. She has not shown any improvement yet, but it has only been a few weeks. I know it can be a very long process.

Anyway, here is my question. I beong to a Yahoo support group for parents of kids w/ feeding issues. One of the Moms responded to my daughter's story and told me that her son's story was similar (CHD and open heart surgery). He also developed a feeding aversion, and the reason was a mystery until they realized that his heart meds lasix & digoxin) were making him sick and were the possible cause.
Once they took him off of the meds and did some feeding therapy with him, he started eating like a champ. Has anyone ever heard of this correlation or had any experience with this?

We are desperately searching for a reason why Kara won't eat and I
would really appreciate anyone's input.

mom to Kara, 1/9/06 VSDs, ASD, PDA, pacemaker, lasix, digoxin,
enalapril, lovenox, prevacid, folic acid, neocate 20 cal.

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