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teenager with chd sruggling to cope

I am hoping that I may get some help and advice from a mother of a child with CHD or a teenager who has CHD!My son is 15 and has double-outlet right ventricle and hypoplastic left ventricle.He had the completion of the Fontan procedure at aged 4.He does not embrace his heart condition at all and is struggling at school and suffering very low self-esteem.He feels so inadequate I think in comparison to his male peers.I believe this is because it seems to be all about sporting ability at this age and of course his ability is limmited due to his heart.Can anyone suggests books or on-line help for me and my son?I haven't yet met someone here in Australia in my heart kids group who seems to have encountered the same problems.Would love to hear from someone in the same boat with their CHD teenage child.Sam, my son,is the eldest of 5 children,none of the others have CHD.Whether he feels so different to the others may contribute to his lack of confidence may be an issue!Maria from Australia.

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