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Unborn baby diagnosed with complex heart problems - advice needed!

Hi everyone,
My husband and I went for our 20 weeks scan last week & after two follow-up scans found out that she has the following heart problems: a large and mid muscular ventricular septal defect, a moderately severe aortic valve stenosis & a 2:1 block - giving her a low heart rate of only 76bpm. Should things not deteriorate & she survives till birth, we have been told she can have a balloon inserted into her aorta to open it up & that the holes in her heart can be filled - should her heart be unable to continue pumping due to the conduction problem then she can also have a baby pacemaker.. As this is probably the best we can hope for I wondered if there was anyone who had experienced similar & could perhaps help us understand the level of medical intervention our baby will need after birth & beyond? Does anyone have any idea of the risks involved in these procedures & will she be able to go on & live a 'normal life' with a normal life expectancy? Any help, guidance or advice would be much appreciated as we are pretty anxious about the future to say the least..
Catherine x

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