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Re: Post - 73 Chatter

it's me!

puter just finished scanning i have a number of files to repair and i gotta say that AVG is the best! i guess they're all good but it was AVG that nipped it in the bud. tomorrow i'll be back on my own puter and we'll what happens!

i've been reading your taste testers. I still am so blown away by what you guys wrote this weekend.

we have a total of 68 submissions. tomorrow i'll be going through them to make sure they all qualify (re word count) then i go through them to make sure they coincide with the subject matter.

then i confirm all the qualifying novellas with the judges and they begin the elimination process - they are already reading them as i type!

the contestants came all the way from BC to newfoundland. right across the country!

I'm so happy for all of you. I remember being on a high from finishing for more than a week!


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