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Re: 73 CHATTER - for all chatter ""during"" the 73.

Did it! It is in! I have never written such a long story in such a short time! That was more a challenge to see if I was able to do it for myself than for the competition! Must say I was not very inspired Saturday at all and i didn't write anything and i thought about just throwing in the towel... All the topics felt wrong for me! But then I got a "brainwave" Sunday afternoon and I kept going until now. Don't know if i will pass my Business Law test I had to go and write today though...
But it was totally worth it for the way I'm feeling now!

Subject #: To feel what it feels like when I send my story off!

Word Count: > 16000!

Genre: No, I can't type with cold fingers

Chocolate, sex or sleep? The feeling when you page through a handbook 5 minutes before an end examn

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