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Re: 73 CHATTER - for all chatter ""during"" the 73.

19,588; pleased with my novella and ecstatic that all of my sub-plots converged into an ending I'm happy with.
All the leaves are brown; and the sky is gray; I've been for a walk...
We've had good times, we've had bad times, we've seen some crazy made-up words that might yet make it into the Urban Dictionary. Congratulations to all those who have submitted and keep on trekking to those still plugging away. I'll be submitting shortly.

Subject #: Sight? I am seriously blind - I need a retina transplant or bi-focals; not sure which.

Word Count: 19,588

Genre: I must be a Frostling; I remained cool, had a crystal clear vision and an icy disposition.

Chocolate, sex or sleep? A psychohaste is that thing that drives you, chomping at your a$$ until you have no choice but to complete your novella for your own safety.

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