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Just submitted my novella a few minutes ago. Instead of getting a confirmation e-mail, I got a confirmation phonecall and got the following information:

1. Magpie's internet keeps cutting in and out but she's still alive!

2. People should receive a confirmation e-mail WITHIN 30 MINUTES of SUBMITTING your novella!

3. She loves us.

So those of you who submitted recently and don't know if it got received or not, DON'T PANIC. Magpie's on it, it's just going a bit slow due to silly internet issues.

Subject #: Some food from the Pita Pit! I'm denying myself food until I reach a small goal!

Word Count: I wonder, I wonder! No, I don't. You might!

Genre: ...maybe?

Chocolate, sex or sleep? A stat I keenly wish my brain and imagination possessed right now!

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