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Re: 73 CHATTER - for all chatter ""during"" the 73.

I'm singing the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song, hoping (praying) my 3 year old has a nap so I can let this story write itself. My story lines are all converging and I'm wicked stoked to bring it home to roost. I've been editing as I go along and made a couple of small edits to make the ending fully logical.
Cooking giant cheese ravioli to feed my brain - who wants some?
Congrats to everyone who has reached the minimum word count - I read Mags' e-mail about 50 people dropping out; it's getting rather cozy in here
We're in the home stretch, let's do this!
Why, oh why, does my word count show up as 15 when it's really 15,126?

Subject #: Nope - I'm worried I have too MUCH story (and hope my fingers will hold up!).

Word Count: 15

Genre: No, but it might keep my wrinkles at bay - I turn 40 in 9 days and I'm thinking that frostlings would cure the ravages of time.

Chocolate, sex or sleep? It's the thing my 3 year old does when he's zoo-y, needs a nap and begins walking into walls. I can relate today.

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