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Re: 73 CHATTER - for all chatter ""during"" the 73.

I just had a terrible fright. Tried to check the chatter and .... no internet. I panicked, I freaked, I turned off the little button that says internet on my laptop... Whew I have internet. What would I do if my internet failed at the crutial moment 11:57 Monday night. I guess I'll have to submit early like before business depot closes. Can you get on the net at Business Depot? That would so suck. What's your plan B for getting your story submited in the event of your internet failing.

Subject #: I've upgraded to a jack hammer. It seems to be doing the trick.

Word Count: 10657

Genre: Gave up trying to kill off any of them. Had to settle for tearing their little arms off.

Chocolate, sex or sleep? lick-lazy.... doubble chocolate fudge icecream on a hot sunny day in my backyard. "What a lick-lazy day"

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