Wyn Lit 73 ~ 2012

This forum is dedicated to the Wyn Lit 73 Hour Writing Contests.

Our 2012 Wyn Lit 2four Schedule:
January 14 & 28 --- February 18 --- March 24 --- April 21 --- May 12
June 9 --- July 14 --- August 4 --- September 1 --- October 13 --- November 24

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Ugh. Sick kids, and working today. Coffee Coffee tonight.

So last night I was all intent to write, but around 9 (just before the topics come out!) my sisters son desided, I want to sleep with teggie and so fully intending on powernapping and I slept till my alarm went off for work. Ugh. so checking the topics before I leave and hopefully i'll have time to work on outlineing while working.

Subject #: t.bain@mycanadore.ca

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