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I was wondering if anyone knew any thing about a motorcycle group that my grandmother was in, in 1932. She had her own bike it was an INDIAN. Such a cool bike, I wish I had the bike. I did not grow up with my birth family so I am trying to find any information I can about it. I have a few pictures with her and her husband and their bikes and one pic of them with the shirts on that say "AUSTIN OWLS". So please if anyone ok, well anyone old enough or anyone that might have grandparents or friends or relatives that might know of this group I would greatly appreciate any info. She went by the name of bobbie, but her real name was sally bernice Dixon. I have a lot of pics on my myspace page of her and her friends and all the bikes. If anyone would like to take a look. They lived in Texas most of her growing up years, so if anyone know's of this women please please let me know. THanks.....

Thanks to all of you..
Misty Spilotro

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