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what a wake up

Good Morning,
I'm actually humming....my boy I love him so much. I had been asking God to please show me a sign...
the POS was released yesturday around 11 am my time, 9 am Hi. time. I woke up today to an e-mail sent minutes before informing me he was back in custody.
Yesturday was hard our safety net was gone...way better knowing exactly where he is. My nephews are still there... I was worried he'd somehow get here...we are safe now.
I hope he just got drunk and hasn't hurt anyone..

Re: what a wake up

well i am glad hes back where he belongs. i hope its for a while. i really have been worried about you and your family. it really makes my day to hear the news. glad your all ok. sending love, april

Re: what a wake up

Lois, I too am glad he's back in custody. Have you found out yey what he did to make that happen? I hope he stays there for a long time. Love ya, Darien

Re: what a wake up

How perfect back where he belongs I hope he has a very, very long stay.
Jim's Mom

Re: what a wake up

Thanks Ladies...BUT I guess it was nice while it lasted.
It seems the e mail is an ERROR and he was out and is back on the Big Island.
Just a cruel joke in this nightmare. Talk about the roller coaster.
much love to you all

Re: what a wake up

I'm so sorry Lois. That is a very cruel joke. I hope Karma will catch up with him. Love ya, Darien

Re: what a wake up

I'm so sorry jeez what an awful thing to happen and hopefully he'll really go back next time. It's not fair he is out so soon, just not at all, you are in my heart, always. (((hugs))