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less than a week until rkr's release

Ironic that the murderer's mom gave him just a middle initial of K. Randal KILLER Randrup. I'm glad she never knew what her favorite son did to her youngest grandson.
It's also ironic the he won't "walk" out a free man. He will never enjoy the simple pleasure of taking a walk or as my sister pointed out, he can't run.
The investigator who took his latest statement Dec 8th spoke/stroked him for over 3 hours and felt he was more forthcoming. Never the word honest. I guess it means available?!?
Kelly, the inv. did tell me this. He said rkr acknowleged he caused things to escalate that night and he acknowleges his actions caused his own son's death but still takes no responsibility for those actions. Said things like "if Chris had left him alone or just left"...yeah, if he only hadn't been there with someone who would kill him,not love him. Or that the same someone would load a rifle and shoot him 8 times and fhat he feels no sorrow that he is gone.
Kelly said he exxpressed no concern for my daughter or her son...he said not to expect any apologies.
Not that I did.
I'm trying now to find out how and where he'll be released next Sat. He has been held on Oahu but we lived on the Big Island of Hawaii. My Nephews are there finishing school and live just 4 blks from his house, my daughter is on Kauai due home the Monday after he gets out...her father the narcissistic-sociopath. I looked it up...we didn't stand a chance against one such as him.
Kelly said that while rkr said he felt remorse he didn't get that impression at all and it bothered him.
He's never shown remorse.
After killing Chris, throwing Chris over the cliffs to the sea and cleaning up for hours, he was seen and talked to by a friend of his. He was happy the guy said. Smiling Laughing. Going camping with my son's dog.
He thought Chris was gone and he was in the clear. He planned to come back mystified like the rest of us as to what happened to our beloved Chris.
And someone like this will be able to start again as he is.
I miss my boy too much to ever measure the depth of my pain I just will never understand how he feels none. because most could not do what he did.
I haven't rambled in awhile...I hope you ladies are doing ok in this life we share. I think about you all so much and all of our shared pain and grief.
love sent to all of you

Re: less than a week until rkr's release

I am so sorry that the POS will be released so soon, he should never get out! As if it isn't bad enough that you will live the rest of your life grieving for Chris now you get to live the rest of it knowing the POS responsible for that grief is getting a second chance. Your sister is right he won't be able to run, my dad had to have his leg amputated just below his knee he would tell us about the pain he could still feel in his foot, he would sometimes reach down to scratch his missing leg or foot. And the prosthetic leg he got never did fit right and caused pain after wearing it for awhile.
Sending Hugs to you
Jim's Mom

Re: less than a week until rkr's release

Wow. I still cant believe they are letting that cold hearted ******* out. He should be getting life. period. My heart breaks in half for you just thinking how I would feel or how I will feel when Laycees killer gets out. And Chris was his own flesh and blood. He should rot away for ever. If you ever need to talk e mail me. I will pray for strenghth for you and your family. hugs

Re: less than a week until rkr's release

Dear Lois
So sorry that you are going through this horrendous ordeal.It is so unfair!!!!!!!! He will get his in the end and maybe hopefully before that.Sending hugs and prayers your way.No punishment for him would be too great.Love and God Bless Stay strong