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30 days and then what

I just received an email letting me know that the pos is to be released within 30 days. It hasn't even been a month since the 2yr date of Dec 11...and he's getting out...minus half his leg, so ironically he has lost something very precious to himself but that does not ease the unease that this is really to be. I thought today how this life can be so surreal. Not only to have had Chris taken in such a cruel way by his own father.that has been hard enough to live with. What Chris must have thought...but to have such a lenient sentence...this is really hard. What about my daughter, his "princess".
His statement was given 12/7/10 but I have heard nothing more than he thought he was more"forthcoming" and his amputation.
I left a message today. I think they have only called me once on their own and that was to say the"interview" was finally going to happen, 14 m0nths after his plea and the court ordered "truthful and accruate account" of his actions (isn't it a court order) and 9 months late from the ordered 90 days he was to give it.
Anyway I finally realised why it had been bothering me how they were calling his statement an interview. They have said nothing about another polygraph which is what he took prior to the plea hearing and failed.
Why would they not do it this time...maybe they didn't leave themselves enough time or they just don't care. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe they have.
this isn't any fun either waiting for him to be free. I was very happy he could not enjoy things like sunsets and stars. To think of him free after he killed our son, I don't know how I'm going to deal with that...I'm so sorry Chris
Thanks for being here ladies. I just had to tell someone.
love you all

Re: 30 days and then what

Hi Lois
I am so sorry that monster is getting out, I just don't understand our so called justice system. How can they take a life and then have another chance at their life it isn't fair. To serve such a short amount of time is like a slap on the wrist. Not like your life hasn't been devastated enough now you have to endure this.
Hugs Jim's Mom

Re: 30 days and then what

Dear Lois
Sorry my computer has been on the blink,worked when it wanted to,it's okay for now
I am so sorry that it appears the injustice system has failed again BIG TIME.Yours is one of those cases I will never understand EVER!!! It is insane that this piece of crap got such a short term.Your grief is a lifetime,big deal what did he lose,his leg? I am so infuriated that you are not receiving every bit of info that deals with this case.Who are these people,can't you get someone else involved? His statements,his polygraphs or lack of them there should be answers to these questions.I mean you're only the mother right? Ask these people what they see when they close their eyes at night and then let them know what you see and when you wake up in the morning and what a permanent image you're now forced to live with.Sorry I'm so mad right now.I just don't understand.Love and God Bless please hang in there

Re: 30 days and then what

I am so at a loss here I feel so confused. I have the same questions. All of this is so unreal and now to think of that murderer out in less than 3 weeks.
I have been trying to put together a letter to the new Gov. of Hawaii who is from the big Island and a familar face. So far I keep straying from what I need to say to long explanations so I now will try a list and try to remember the questions will speak for themselves. there is just So much
Maybe this won't help us but I hope it helps others and the new Gov can start to clean up the court systems of Hawaii but I can hope it helps us keep that evil man away from us all forever...after all he is an admitted murderer.
Today is 1/11/11 two years and one month from Chris' death and his killer is out in 3 wks.
Doesn't seem hardly long enough at all
Thanks Ladies

Re: 30 days and then what

Lois, I just can't believe the total injustice. It maes no sense and is so unfair. I can't even begin to know how I would feel if in your place. I am so sorry that this POS is getting out. I definitely would be writing a letter too. I would keep it direct and to the point. Hang in there. Love ya.

Re: 30 days and then what

This makes me sick!!! 3 years for taking a life? What has become of society??? I'll never understand. I've heard of drug dealers getting more time that that for pete sake!!!

I'm so sorry, I wish I could ease your pain just know one day he will meet his maker and will be punished one way or the other.