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Happy Birthday Timmy


Happy Heavenly Birthday sweet Angel Timmy.

Re: Happy Birthday Timmy

Happy heavenly Birtthday Timmy. I know that all our angels will be throwing you a big party. Sending u much love on this special day.

Re: Happy Birthday Timmy

Happy Birthday Timmy...Our fav Steeler fan EVER...Watch over your mom & bros..So hard without you here..All r Luv Bette ♥

Re: Happy Birthday Timmy

Dear Timmy
Happy Birthday to you,Happy Birthday to you,Happy Birthday Dear Timmy,Happy Birthday to you.The angels will be singing to you all the day long Happy 19th Birthday Timmy.Visit your mama in a dream tonight to let her know everything is beautiful where you are.Many,Many HUGS Bette,Mastt and Joe

Re: Happy Birthday Timmy

Hi Bette, just wanted you to know you and your boys are in my prayers. Happy Birthday Timmy you are missed.
Bette I'm sorry for your boys pain. My nephews were just here...Their pain is huge, the anger and frustration very obvious...especially when I think of them before Chris was murdered...they were there. Trav just a few houses down the street, Clay within walking distance. How they must feel, the undeserved guilt I know they carry as well that they couldn't see this coming either...how could we...People aren't supposed to do this kind of s*#t.
I'm so sorry Bette
lots of love to you

Re: Happy Birthday Timmy

Thank you so much my friends, it has been very very hard on all of us. With the trial and the holidays and Timmy's birthday all in one month I am totaly emotionally drained.

Love you all,