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Good Morning

You know how you just wake up thinking. So much stuff can come at you. And here it is Christmas, with Chris's Angel day 2 Sats ago, my daughter's vow ceremony last Sat. I'm sitting here with not one thing done for any one. Aly's husband Cris is a Jehovah Witness so it's kind of a 1/2 way thing anyway. Before Chris died we were never big on the material side now it seems without him here our get-together seems incomplete and something physical helps or just that part of taking the time. But it seems like so much has been happening I feel like I'm completely blowing it.
My Aly did say she was disappointed in my lack of presense in her up coming celebration one week after her brother's 2nd death date but said she was happy with my presense the day of. It's not that I'm unhappy with her happiness...their love is a true love and it is what changed everything for the better we thought. They were so happy and there was Ezra. It is so comforting knowing Chris held his 5 month nephew, his love shines from the photos. When Aly came back from their visit on Kauai she told me Chris held Ez just as I did. I wish I could have seen them all.

Anyway I ramble...
I hope you all have a good holiday and the new year brings us all many blessings and happiness to help manage our pain and find some joy. I'm thankful for you and the all kindness and compassion shown here

And I Thank You God for the Gift of Chris and the his love that continues to hold me.
Love to you guys

Re: Good Morning

Morning Lois
I too awoke to thoughts of My Jim, thinking, he has been gone 3 years but this is my 4th Christmas without him. Fell asleep with tears last night and awoke with them this morning. Nothing will ever be the same without our children it is hard for others to understand ,I think, why we can not separate this loss from the things that should and would have brought happiness. Yesterday I bought Jim a Christmas present it is a lighted laser Christal the picture lasered inside is Gemini Jim's birth sign I put it by his urn.
Jim's Mom