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Christmas and the New Year

I am hoping for all you Moms to have as good a Christmas as you can have.This will be my 5th Christmas without Keara.If it weren't for my grandchildren I wouldn't celebrate Christmas at all but I am going to try to enjoy it for them. They probably don't need to see Grandma in tears all day.I hope that the new year is better for all of us. I am so glad you ladies are here for me and for each other. It is so good to have this support network and I hope we continue to support each other in the future. I love you all.

Re: Christmas and the New Year

I wanted to light candles but my back won't let me so please know that I am sending love to all of you and all your angels.

Re: Christmas and the New Year

Hi Darien
Sending you wishes for a very nice Christmas day with your grand kids and family. I will be having dinner with my sis Sharon but will go and visit with my other sisters and mom too.
May the New Year bring some happiness to all of us.
Love Ya
Jim's Mom

Re: Christmas and the New Year

It is Christmas morning and I am waiting for my Grandkids to get here. I am so sad that their Mom can't be with us today, I have gotten where I hate the holidays and getting robbed the other day didn't help. I am going to try to have as good a time as I can and hope that all of you have a good day too.Love ya's.

Re: Christmas and the New Year

Hi Darien
I'm glad you are getting your grand kids today, I hope you have a nice Christmas with them. I am so sorry you were robbed I know how that makes you feel to have someone going through your stuff. I kept cleaning my house just to get the feel of whoever broke in out of here. I am just glad you weren't hurt and that they didn't steal your car.
Love ya
Jimmy's Mom