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Remembering Jimmy

Just wanted to make sure everyone knew that tomorrow 12/16 is Jimmy Redenius' Angelversary. Stop by and let Shirley know you are thinking of her if you get a chance. As much as Shirley has done for us with Kimis, Videos and T-Shirts not to mention being here to support us whenever we need her it would be nice to let her know she can count on us on this most difficult day. Lots of ♥ Laura & AV

Re: Remembering Jimmy

No words can ease the pain in your heart, but please know I am thinking of you Shirley. May your heart be filled with beautiful memories of your Angel Jimmy.

Rest in paradise sweet angel Jimmy. You're going to be loved and missed forever.

Re: Remembering Jimmy

Dear Shirley
Such a sad day.I wish for you my friend peace and love from those around you that hold Jimmy close in their hearts also.May your day be filled with sweet reminders of him.I have been thinking of you all week knowing how difficult this day is.I love the shirt you gave me on Nicky's anniversary that says don't cry because I am gone smile because I was here.That phrase will always remind me of you and Jimmy.Many,many hugs my friend Love and God bless

P.S. I still have yet to master how to get a kimi on here,I did it once then forgot and couldn't do it again.Will someone please make a kimi of our Jimmy?

Re: Remembering Jimmy

Today I am thinking of you Shirley and your sweet Jimmy. I know that there isn't anything we can say to make you feel better but just know that Jimmy was important to many people in his life and is remembered by them. I hope that you can get through this day as easily as possible. I love you.

Re: Remembering Jimmy

snow mountain

Laura thank you so much for the Kimi he was the light of my life.

Here ya go Barb a Kimi of Our Jimmy
Having a hard day today I miss my best buddy so much.
Thank you all so much
Love and Hugs
Jim's Mom

Re: Remembering Jimmy


Know that today, just like every other day, I think of you and Jimmy, just today, I get that gut wrenching pain that we all do knowing it's "the dreaded day" for another mom. Love ya and miss ya lady!
Fly high Jimmy and keep one on the road and the other on your Mom.

Re: Remembering Jimmy

Please know I'm thinking of you Shirley and Jimmy is always in my heart. He is shining down brightly on you all the time, riding high and free!!! Love to you always and lots of ((((hugs)))).

Timmy's mom

Re: Remembering Jimmy

sending you huge hugs and wishing you all the love you've always shown here to all of us.
I wish I had more to say but I'm feeling kinda numb tonight
I wanted to let you know you and your beautiful Jimmie are remembered today
Love to you

Re: Remembering Jimmy

Sorry I am a day late Shirley, I hope the day was peacefilled for you and yours. I pray your dreams were nothing but sweet memories of your precious Jimmy. Hang in there Shirley and know you are not alone.
Hugs and Prayers