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Chris's Angel Day


In Memory of Chris
Thinking of you today
Jim's Mom

Re: Chris's Angel Day

Lois I am thinking of you today on this, Chris's angel day. I hope that you can feel him around you. I am sending lots of love to you.

Re: Chris's Angel Day

Thank you so much Shirley. I felt bad I didn't know how to do something for Chris. To see Chris smiling down thru that beautiful sky was more amazing than you would know.

I have been taking pictures with my 1st digital camera and besides my grandson and daughter I have been pretty much obsessed with sunsets and just recently added a few sunrises. I have gotten some incredible shots. I have an easy subject.

To see Chris like this is a pretty un-ignorable sign this time for me.$

So much has been going on...the dates seemed endless here for awhile. And now family due in today and thru-out the week for Aly's renewal of their wedding vows next weekend.

In prayer I asked for something obvious to know Chris was close. Aly calls the next day, seems she has won a 3 day stay at a resort thru the bridal shop drawing. 1st win ever. Their "honeymoon"

My therapist just got back from Kauai and gave me a bag of shells and some beach glass she and her husband collected from the same beach Aly and Chris were at with Ez 5 days before his death. The lady who gave her a massage knew of my Chris through her boys who were body-boarders.

And then today Aly was saying she wants to use the photo here at her wedding. I see how you have Chris I see that he is very close whenever I need him most. I think I can do something similar with this Photo of Chris for Aly and her Cris's celebration of their beautiful love and life.

I just wish this day had never happened for any of us.
Again your kindness is evidence of your goodness.
Thank you Thank you
Much love to you Shirley and Darien and all the MOMS

Re: Chris's Angel Day

Dear Lois
Sorry I missed Chris's angel date.I can only go on the computer every couple of days.I hope you found some peace in seeing the beautiful kimi Shirley made and what a coincidence about the sunset.It is a beautiful picture and I'm looking forward to seeing the pics you've been taking.Love and God Bless

Re: Chris's Angel Day

Lois sorry we missed Chris' Angel Day but no matter what day it is please know Chris will always be in our hearts. Laura & AV