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a phone call from Hawaii

Well I just got off the phone with the victim's, what ever her title...she didn't help much.
Anyway they "interviewed Mr. Randrup" for a few hrs yesturday. The investgator said he seemed more forthcoming this time, he may have been more truthful she said. The investigator said he, Randal said he was remorseful but the investigator didn't get the feeling he was at all....they amputated the pos's leg below the knee. He made fun of the same people like he is now. That's an example of God's Justice it would seem. I feel happy about that, I wish I didn't. I normally would never feel any happiness but today I say YEAH!!!
She said she didn't know how they will share this with me but she let me know.
I just want to say that I miss my son Chris so much and I have no one but you here who share this horror to say that to so Thank you all very much.
Sometimes I just want to tell people how much I miss my boy, to be able to talk about him. When I do bring him up it seems as if people try not to notice...you know what I mean?

Re: a phone call from Hawaii

HI Lois,
Yes people just think because they don't think about what happened to Chris you shouldn't either or that you should be "over" it by now. They don't want their party ruined. So what is it are they going to share with you...what the pos told them? My advocates' daughter was murdered and she visits the killer (once a year)and he writes to her. And 30 years he said you need to know the truth about what happened and I am going to tell you. But like she said he lied for 30 years what made her think this was any differ or that he would ever tell the truth. I would worry that is the same here if this monster could kill his own son it is hard to tell what might spew out of us mouth...Take Care Laura/AV ♥

Re: a phone call from Hawaii

Good Morning, I appreciate your thoughts. While I know I will never truly know what happened that night I do know the judge accepted a complete lie as to what happened. The med ex report screamed that out. They allowed Chris to be portrayed as an abuser when they knew he was not the aggressor he was resting/sleeping...my baby. My nephews just went back to Hawaii and one told me how the pos(his uncle) had talked with him 2 days before and how he was worried. He didn't tell me what was said but he was trying to figure out another place for Chris to recover but 2 days later he shot Chris 8 times. He said he thought it was "so premeditated". Sneaky pos. That's the worst Chris's last moments when he realised what was happening...I have a hard time with that but I know we all do...
What a evil evil man............
I don't know what they will tell me but I feel I must finish this part of it.
Afterall he is to be released in 35 days...freakin incredible.
With his leg amputated I worry he will eventually end up with family here...I hope he stays in hawaii with that ocean between us. I feel we are now that safer that he lost that leg. Not so easy to get around, no getting on a boat...easily id'd by being an amputee. Probably the worst part of this for him is that loss of limb and he had no choice and he was a prisoner when they took it. I am glad he doesn't get to walk out a free man but it's still not enough really. I wish he would have gotten the max of 20yrs. instaed of the 2 he is finishing. TWO YEARS. Incredible but this is it....I'm sorry they did this to my boy memory but we who loved have always known the truth and so did they.
I think it's going to be a hard month but so is this life.
Your daughter was so beautiful and I wanted to say how my Aly would have done pretty much the same thing with some creepy neighbor like that pos. I'm so sorry she wasn't safe as she should have been. I just wanted you to know that I think Lisa and the other beautiful lives taken by these evil monsters...
I just want to finish by saying I love you all and hope you all find ways to find the happiness our children would want for us...I know it's hard to hear of any happiness when we carry such incredible pain with us but I hope we stay open to it and catch the moments of love we deserve as we continue our walk of life.
I wish you all much love and many blessings this next year without our angels.