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Happy Birthday Bette Clark Timmy's Mom

Sending Birthday Wishes to our favorite Crazy Lady....Bette Clark...Timmy's trial started yesterday and she got just another added benefit of the Criminal Injustice system spending it in court....Luv ya oh Crazy One!!!!!

Re: Happy Birthday Bette Clark Timmy's Mom

Dear Bette
Happy Birthday to you,Happy Birthday to you,Happy Birthday dear Bette,Happy Birthday to you.Love and God Bless

Re: Happy Birthday Bette Clark Timmy's Mom

Happy Birthday Bette, I hope your birthday wish comes true!!!!!!!
Love ya
Jim's Mom

Re: Happy Birthday Bette Clark Timmy's Mom

Hi Bette, I hope you can find some happiness on your Birthday. Love ya.

Re: Happy Birthday Bette Clark Timmy's Mom

Awww thanks guys first chance I got to come on here. And LOL Shirley I see you picked up on that birthday wish. I told you about the story when Timmy didn't want to go to school and we were supposed to get snow so I told him that night tomorrow's my b/d and I'm going to give it to you that it snows and school will be closed. When I got up darn if it wasn't snowing and all schools were closed, ran up and woke him and said guess what kiddo my b/d wish I gave you came true, no school today it's snowing and he did that gesture with the arm, like "YES" LOL I'll never forget that.

Thanks so much and believe it or not I didnt even remember it was my b/d that day until I got on f/b and saw the b/d wishes, I'm like omg yeah it's my b/d!!! So I said to God, you know what my b/d wish is!!!

Love you all and thank you for being here for me and all the support and love you send my way.