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just a little venting sorry

Hey Ladies, I hope your doing okay as you can be. I have been having an extrememly terrible two weeks. Dont get me wrong i still am functioning doing what i have to do. It has been constantly in my heart my head and dreams.I still sometimes feel like im just stuck in a really bad dream or movie. These holidays are hard. I see all these new baby toys I wouldve got for Laycee. im so sorry for just rambling on here. im just not doing that great right now and needed to vent, i want my baby back so bad. I wrote her a poem on her gone too soon website if any of you would like to see it. sorry for being a big crybaby.. please hang in there ladies. your all in my thoughts tonite a lot. I AM SO SORRY FOR WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOUR ANGELS...XOXOXOXOO

Re: just a little venting sorry

So sorry you are having such a hard time right now the holidays just make this even harder. My son was 32 years, old gone now for almost 3 years I still see things I would have bought for him it makes me so very sad. You go ahead and vent we all need to just get it out sometimes. I read the poem it broke my heart, I am so very sorry your baby girl was taken from you.
Hugs Jim's mom