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Just to let you know they won't resume jury selecton until Tuesday. Not sure of full extent and can't go into really don't trust the "spies" out there. This has been very stressful, please keep praying.

Love yas

Re: Delay

Bette, I am right there wtih you every step of the way my friend. My prayers are with you and your family. I am here if you need me.

Re: Delay

I've been thinking about you and wondering how things are going, I see you are getting the usual wait, wait and wait some more. I am keeping you in my thoughts and in my heart, hang in there.
mom2mom stay strong
love ya
Jimmy's mom

Re: Delay

Thanks ladies, I'm a mess. This is awful. Am going to call today see what's up. My g/f came in from CA for this and most likely will miss it all and my sister is coming in from FL today. Jury selection resumes tomorrow. I'm praying the trial starts this week. This is just awful. My stress level is out the door.

My boys are a mess too.

Please keep praying.

Lve Bette

Re: Delay

It is awful the way the justice system works. They don't seem to care how these delays affect the families. We had to go thru that with Keara's case. Just hang in there and know that we are all sending love your way. Love ya.

Re: Delay

Dear Bette
I'm sorry for the delay in your jury selection.Stand strong and hang in there.I hope your friend from Calif is able to stay as well as your sister from Florida.Please keep us posted on all the details so we can follow along with you.We are here for you dear Bette.Love and God Bless and give those boys of yours a hug or two from all of us.