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Hi Ladies,
Since July 7th,my grandson's birth 2yrs ago and the same day of Chris's eye injury months before his death,there have been many significant dates already but the next few are pretty scary.
Tomorrow is the 5th, my son's killer/father is to be released in 2 months and I don't know how that is going to be, it doesn't feel good knowing it's so close.
Next Sat is the 11th marking 2 incredibly painful years since my boy's father chose to kill him in such a horrible way. On that same day my nephews arrrive from Hawaii because my daughter and her husband Cris are renewing their vows the next weekend.
What is going on. I feel like Chris has been ignored and that's pretty much how they flow so it'll be me and Chris on my own as it has been...on my own.
And the next time someone says something like well you have this or that like I can't see life's blessings. But it still happened, Chris was murdered and that will always be the same and the pain will always be there, it doesn't change.
Any way

Re: time

I can't even imagine what you must be going through knowing he will be out to live his life again in two months. I will never understand how someone can take a life then have our justice system give them a second chance at their own life it isn't right!
I do know what you are going through with Saturday being the anniversary of Chris's murder. My Jim's Angel day is on Dec 16th three years now and I am having a very hard time.
Jim's Mom

Re: time

I like Shirley am outraged that your ex is allowed to get out of prison after killing Chris. It is so wrong.
It has been 4 years and 7 months since Keara was murdered and it doesn't seem to get easier no matter how other peopke think we should be. I am very thankful that we have each other. Love ya, Darien

Re: time

Hi Shirley...
Thankyou. I thought of you when I was writting that and I know this is a very hard time for you as well. I'm sorry we all know this kind of suffering.
It's like because we function daily people think we should be used to this or they can not even begin to imagine...it's too frightening...remember when we were like them, it seems so long ago.
I was thinking about when I left Hawaii 4 yrs ago, for "6 months" and realised how I had not thought about any of that time for 2 years. I'm consumed by Chris's murder and that is part of it too.
So again No I'm not ok and No it's just not the same anymore...it's very different
love you all

Re: time

Dear Lois
Sorry you are having a rough time of it.So many ups and downs this roller coaster of ours.Hang in there as best you can.I like the others don't understand why someone can go on with their life after taking another's and in such a short time.God help our justice system it needs a HUGE overhaul.Love and God Bless

Re: time

Thank you Ladies,
I'm hangin in...it's just still so unbelieveable. That we are even here that our children were murdered. Incredible.
That he gets out so soon is nauseating unfair doesn't even begin to explain what Hawaii has done to Chris's memory and honor. He was kind, strong and full of love and they let him be labled a parental abuser by his cold blooded killer and they knew.
Anyway thanks again for being out there