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sending love

Hi ladies,
Just want to say hi to all of you. I've started a few times but never seem to narrow it down to something less than a novel.
The mindfulness workshop I mentioned has ended after 8 weeks. All about being aware of this moment we are in, being present. What a crock I thought...how could I/we be any more aware with our kind of losses. Well it was alot more than that, i feel blessed I was able to do some thing like that. I wish it for everyone.
It's a very loving thing. Very big on Love, Kindness and compassion. Three things we all could help to promote and need for ourselves...kindness compassion love.
It's called Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction(mbsr) and there is alot on youtube if interested. It has been helpful to me so I wanted to pass it on.
So that is one thing out of the way. Oh yes there is alot more that I would say but I'm trying to "compartmentalize" it seems.I guess maybe I come across a little scattered talking to my therapist but there is alot going on it seems.
But it wasn't easy doing the workshop sometimes all that love and kindness would just make me feel the darkness and evil of what happened even more and while every one was talking all this love I would get sadder and sadder and the tears would come but that was alright'
No one knew what had brought me there but they felt my pain and accepted me with that pain.I felt their love and didn't know why most were there either.
So check it out Ladies it was covered by my insurance.
I guess our condition is chronic
love sent to you MOMs