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Read this !!!!

Hey ya'all!!!!
I hope everyone is in good health for the holidays that are coming. I can't believe another year has gone by already. I miss every single one of you, terribly. I still don't have total access to a computer yet. But, I'm sure it wont be long. Things are starting to improve for me a little bit. I'm starting to get all the help that I need. It's been a long road, but I think I can see a little light at the end of this dreadfully long and dark tunnel that I've been trapped in. When I finaly get back on here, I'll have alot to tell you guys...lol. I really miss the chatroom. I miss laughing and crying with all of you til the wee hours of the morning. Anyway, I have to go for now, but, I'll try to come back real soon. I hope all of you have wonderful holidays. I love all of you and I really, really miss you guys. Julie

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Hey Shulie
Been missin you too and wondering how things are goin for ya. So glad to hear things are looking up and hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.
Love ya
Jim's mom

Re: Read this !!!!

Hey Julie, I am so glad to hear from you. I have been wondering how you were and I'm glad to hear things are getting better. It will be nice when you have access to the computer so we can stay in touch. If you have a phone number email it to me and I will call you. Love ya.

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miss u too and all the lovely moms here

Re: Read this !!!!

Hey Shulie,
Miss ya girl. How are things going? I know you have been having a hard time. Have a Merry Christmas. I love ya