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bad dreams

Hey ladies. I am writing because I dont know who else to talk to about this. Since Laycee was murdered I am on heavy nite meds so I can sleep and not have nightmares. Well I do still have bad dreams and they are mostly ones that have my ex in them. Most of the time I am in jail or prison and I know that he is there and I am scared I will see him. Well he has written me a few times from prison and the last letter said if I come to see him face to face he can explain what happened the day he killed Laycee. In his letter he also mentions how much he loves me blah blah how I know he would never do anything like this on purpose blah blah. I have considered going to see him because I dont understand what made this happen, but I also know that nothing he could say would make it any better. Theres also a chance I would physically attack him. Would you even consider going to ask your childs killer what the hell were they thinking? What made them kill your child? I am sure I will never really go visit him but am I messed up for even wondering about it?

Re: bad dreams

I really think all he would do is lie to you I wouldn't give him the satisfaction of thinking he is getting one over on you, he is just trying to make himself feel better. He deserves every minute and more of the time he will spend in prison. I would never go to talk with the POS that murdered my son he lied in court and is still lying trying to get an appeal.
Sending Hugs
Jim's Mom

Re: bad dreams

April, I would never go ask the guy who murdered Keara what was he thinking. After all he was her boyfriend who was supposed to love her. I know he would blame it on the drugs he was on. I couldn't stand to be around him and if I could I would want to kill him. Love ya.

Re: bad dreams

I think you should return to sender this idiot. He has lots of time to write letters and he will never admit what he really did. I'm sorry he's stil messing with you...
maybe I should be grateful the murderer in my life doesn't try to explain or write me or my daughter.
None of his brothers or sister have bothered to see how Aly is...I guess they blame her like they did Chris.
I'm sorry your having nightmares...I don't remember dreams good or bad...just one with Chris a few months back.
I'm wishing you some nice ones
I thought a few times of writting the pos but I could never get past writting all the things I hated about him, how pathetic he is, how evil he is and that is not energy I choose to put out there besides what could he say that would make him any less guilty of the ultimate wrong, taking a life...his son's. How can you ever explain something like that
I've never hated anyone as I do him but I think God has that one for me

Re: bad dreams

Im am sorry that yu have to re-live this nightmare. I do have a suggestion for you. PRAY Im not sure what your relationship is with the father in heaven , but for me it is what got me through and continues to get me through. Ask the Father in heaven to take these nightmares away and replace with good dreams or non for that matter in Jesus name. It saddens me to hear that this is a continueing thing. Again if you need to talk you have my number. I will never know what you are going through. but my heart achs for my son thats what us all the same some how. Thats the Human in us. Pray it may not seem like it helps right away. but it will if you have faith. Put it in Gods Hands