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feeling bad

Hi Ladies,
It's hard...2 years ago today I was getting on a plane to go see my Chris after being away from him almost 2 yrs. We had never been apart that long until now. He cried that 1st night...life had really become so challenging for him with his stomach pain and then his eye injury that ended his body boarding dreams.
That night Chris told me if anything happened to know that he had been happy in life...as a boy he dreamed of the awesome waves he rode...and he had done it much to his own surprise.
We were so glad to be together and my boy was so proud of me...we were together 11 days...
We were happiest today 2 yrs ago, the next night everything had changed and we found the joy of being together was ours alone. 6 weeks later his father chose to shoot him 8 times while he rested and then tried to throw him out to sea.
Two years and that monster will be out in about 3 mos.
What a life this life.
I give Thanks for the love I continue to feel from Chris and my love just gets bigger and bigger and bigger...I miss him so
Love you ladies

Re: feeling bad

I cant believe he is getting out. He killed his own son for christ sake. He should never see daylight again. He should suffer every minute of every day of his life. The pain you feel must be so deep right now. I cry for you. I cant imagine how you feel. Im so sorry. It was my boyfriend who killed my Laycee so I understand some of what you feel but my ex got 16 to 24 years and I dont feel that was justice so Im sure you must be experiencing lots of anger and frustration. Just do your best to be strong. I really dont pray too much anymore but I am going to be sure to say a quick prayer for you to help you through this.

Re: feeling bad

Dear Lois I'm sure you thank God for those 11 days.No one can take that from you.Your time spent together with him will most assuredly be one of your fondest memories.I too am apalled that his "father" got such a deal.I'm sure Chris would have taken a deal that after awhile he could come back from being dead but no, he got no such deal.I'm so ashamed of our injustice system.Your ex will have to live with the nightmare that he killed his own son.No matter how he trys to justify it in his mind there is no justification.So hopefully he will live his life as one of the living dead.I'm still praying that the second polygraph will turn things around.Don't you have a say when it is time for his parole? I thought the family got to speak at their parole hearings,to try to keep them in longer.
I hope today finds you a little better than yesterday,but we all know that certain days are worse than others and hard to move on when the bad ones hit

April I don't know how Laycee's killer got that short amount of time either.It's so disgusting to me that our children's lives are so disrespected.Saying a prayer for you both.Love and God Bless

Re: feeling bad

Thanks Ladies,
I am a little better today.
I wonder if I do have any say. No one has ever said there was any more I could do but then I've never felt I've had any kind of advocate just a go between.
I have another date coming up. Wed 10/27/2010 I was in hawaii for his plea acceptance...he stared me down.
His eyes never wavered. They gave him 90 bays to come up with a better story...I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW WELL THESE MURDERING CREATURES ARE TREATED AND PROTECTED after taking someones life.I'm waiting to hear about the 2nd poly, I'll have to call them of course. The 90 days was over 9 mos ago...I think he's overdue

April I am so sorry you had your precious Laycee taken from you like this. How anyone can hurt a baby.
I don't see how our justice system can sleep at all.

Barb You are right those 11 days are so precious to me. I go through alot of those moments and my Chris did everything he could to make it as nice as he could. But we had some incredible chaos coming down around us.
I had no idea what was ahead for us...I called it our bonus visit as Chris coming in afew months to us, I don't know how many times I said that and "here we are" even with all the darkness we were so happy to be together again. But there was alot of darkness around us.
Now looking back on that visit is so hard at times...Chris I am so sorry I didn't see more. I know how you always protected me in every way. You were the most incredible person in my life...and you were my son...my best friend...I'm sorry I couldn't protect you from his darkness.
Did I ever tell you ladies that when I was with my Chris after we had to leave his house and go to my sister Chris and I had to share a bed just like when he was little. One more night sleeping with my boy I wrote in my journal. I wished we would have talked more then but I would go to sleep first and wake up to him lying next to me and that was quite a gift.
I just remembered that

Re: feeling bad

I don't understand how our so called justice system can justify giving these murdering SOBs another chance at life!!!! Why after taking a life especially of someone they were suppose to love and look after do they get another chance?????
My brother-in-law works for the sheriff's department he has always said these guys are better off not leaving their victim alive, if they do then the victim has a voice and can go into court and tell their side. The POS that murdered My Jim got 40 to life + 8, that means he has to do 44 years before he will come up for parole he will be 71 years old. The thing is in the state of Ca. those two little words (to life) really mean no parole.
Love and Hugs
Jim's Mom