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My son Ryan

My son, Ryan, age 30, was killed by trigger happy sheriff's deputies outside my home in Texas. The details don't matter so much but he was drunk and had started using K2 (this is very dangerous). He did not comply with their requests and they shot him twice. He was a beautiful person both inside and out but was unfortunately an alcoholic. I am 63 and I don't know if I have time left to ever recover from my only child being killed by the very people we expect to protect us. I feel so all alone.

Re: My son Ryan

I am so very sorry for your loss, It has been 2 years 9 months for me I don't think I will ever recover. Loosing our children like this changes us forever we will never be the same person we were before. We do all understand and will be here for you.
Jim's Mom Shirley

Re: My son Ryan

Dear Pattie
I too am sorry for the loss of your beloved son Ryan.I have 4 other children and although it doesn't take the pain away they comfort me as I do them.To lose an only child has got to be so overwhelmingly lonely.We are here for you if you just feel like talking about Ryan.We don't judge here only listen.I don't understand why some other measure wasn't taken to subdue Ryan.I hope you are looking into that as some kind of justice for your son.My son Nicky was murdered March 31 2008 and we are still waiting for justice.Love and God Bless.

Re: My son Ryan

Hi Pattie,
My son Chris would be 30 this feb 23...it's been 1 yr 10 months since his pathetic father shot him 8 times as he lay resting. I'm reading a book...dismembered is how our loss is described. How accurate...
I truly am sorry for your loss. I hope you have other family that can help. I hope you feel Ryan close.
There is someone always here for you...we all have different stories but we all know exactly what is spoken here in one way or another.
Love to you