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Thinking of you Shirley

I hope things go your way today in court Shirley and that you get to have your visits with Sandra back. Love ya, Darien

Re: Thinking of you Shirley

Yes Shirley so much has been taken from us already.Good luck and I hope by the time you read this message that everything is settled in your favor.Any sane judge will know the love you have for Sandra and won't take that away from her.Love and God Bless

Re: Thinking of you Shirley

Thanks Darien and Barb well I have one weekend a month, I asked at work if I could come in on day shift on the Fridays that I would need to pick Sandra up and they said no problem. Sandra's mother lied her fat butt off and I am sure the judge caught on to her. I am just happy to have my visits back the judge also told Melissa that if she missed a visit for any reason that visit had to be made up. Sooooooo I get my first visit the second weekend of October and I am going to make every visit I have with her special.
Love yous guys
Jim's Mom

Re: Thinking of you Shirley

Oh Shirley I'm so happy for you, this is great news!!! Wish it was more time, but I'm glad the judge saw thru that crazy woman!!!

Love ya

Re: Thinking of you Shirley

Shirley, I am glad that you have your visits back. I know you would have preferred every other weekend but were kind of expecting this.So get ready to have a lot of fun with your sweet little Sandra. Love ya.

Re: Thinking of you Shirley

Dear Shirley
I'm so glad the judge was wise enough to include that clause about any missed visits.That's also great that work is accomodating you for the visits.Just love to hear good news!! I know you will have great fun together and just in time for the holidays approaching.YEAH!! Love and God Bless