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5 months

Well it's Sept so that means I can count on one hand how much longer my boy's father/murderer has left to serve, I somehow Knew it would pass fast. Feb 5 2011. Just shy of 2yrs 2mos of the day he killed Chris and took part of my soul...just 2 wks shy of Chris's 30th birthday...my daughter's father...this is so screwed up...we can't help but worry as the only thing we are sure of is this, it should never have happened. We still can belive he could do this...we loved Chris so much...maybe that's why.
I found out today,(I'm so glad I called),they are finally getting another statement,not sure when but the 2nd poly reader agreed-Deceptive...DUH. His 1st before sentencing 10/2009 and his plea read he was to give another this time truthful account 90 days after sentencing, well here we are 5 months to go
Thanks for listening. I appreciate you ladies here

Re: 5 months

Dear Lois
I really think that something good will happen as a result of the polygraph test.When someone is found guilty and is ready for parole doesn't the family of the victim get a say at that time? I'm confused as to why this polygraph test is buried for 90 days after sentencing,am I missing something? What the heck is the DA doing to introduce it before he gets released? My prayers are with you and I love the shell jewelry idea,sorry I didn't post sooner,I'm going through something right now and needed to be disconnected for a while to get my head straight,that probably will never happen LOL.Thinking of our angels daily Love and God Bless

Re: 5 months

Hi Barb I hope things are better for you.
I stay pretty confused myself with how they have handled Chris's case.
As part of the plea ageement he was to give a truthful account before the hearing. Well he did and the polgrapher ruled it deceptive. At the hearing the judge let that slide and gave him another chance and another 90 days to come up with a better story.
sometimes I wonder if that judge ever even read what I had to read in the police report and autopsy.How could he have ignored what I read...how he murdered his own son in cold blood...the lack of remorse.

So they let them get a second opinion instead of a new statement. The 1st guy they had set up to review was from Maui and he decided he didn't want to get involved?? So they had to find someone here on the mainland which just recently was accomplished...Another F so now they are arranging for another interview finally and he will have to give another statement. The Pros. investigator is to be very confrontational she said.

So I'm still very confused as to how they could have accepted that plea knowing what I had to know...how is that our children's lives can be so de-valued by these people who are supposed to protect us.
So we wait.

Re: 5 months

I don't think he will tell the truth he will never admit what he truly did. I hope they finally decide to throw the book at him and lock him away for the rest of his life.
I don't understand the plea deal that was crazy.
Kinda like appeals they can appeal why can't we if we don't think the outcome was fair? I am still waiting on the answer to the appeal the POS who murdered My Jim put in almost 2 years ago. I am sure it will be turned down, at least I sure hope so I don't think I could handle another trial.
Jim's Mom

Re: 5 months

Hi Shirley,
I don't think he has the truth in him either...and there was no justfication for him to do what he did but there has always been some concern if he had help or if one neighbor in particular saw anything...he was a drinking buddie and had a direct view to the property where any kind of activity could be noticed and of course 8 shots...lights being on would have been unusual throughout the night. I don't think he was involved in Chris's murder I just think he may have known something.

I am just so afraid...I don't want him out...he's not only crazy but my Chris called it shortly before his death, "he's a bitter old man Mama" now deranged fits him too. To think of him released among all the people who knew and loved Chris with his narcissism full blown, his short sentence only fueling his feelings of entitlement. If I didn't know how many people will be affected by this I'd be overjoyed with what could be ahead for him, a man who could kill his son...the whispers,the pointing,the stares and mothers pulling their children close when he's near. It's a small town Pahoa. Main st. is maybe a mile long and no side streets, it's small community. But with the fear comes the anger and what about him? How do we know he hasn't been making more plans. What if it's not him that gets hurt but someone else who is around him, who may say the wrong thing or what ever.
Because I'm sure that is what happened that night to my beautiful boy.

Did I tell you Chris was seen at a church the night of his death...1st time he had done that and then he came home was laying there, maybe thinking of his talk there when his father came in and took his life.
Wow I didn't know I was going to go there and I just realised it's Sept 5 exactly 5 months today.
Another reason I'm waiting for this interview is I will know more of his mental and physical condition.

Re: 5 months

Dear Lois
I'm doing a little better thank you.
As far as I can tell it doesn't look like it's written in stone that he will get out in 5 months.They still have to get through another statement correct? This DA if he is really a shark I hope it's for Chris that he's going to show his teeth.Is this a different DA than the one who allowed this insane deal to begin with?
Keep a very close eye on this Lois I don't trust a one of them.
I'm sure there will be people making him feel like such the loser he is if he gets out.Good!! I can't imagine that he will choose to live there knowing how people felt about Chris.
Thinking of you and Chris as always Hang in there Love and God Bless

Re: 5 months

He really should get life. Period. Its not fair that we all as mothers get a life sentance and those who took our babies dont seem to get much. Vincent was my friend for 3 years, me and my kids loved him, trusted him and he just snaps one day and kills Laycee. He never admitted in court to doing more than hitting her once with an open hand. I dont think Chriss father will admit what hes done. Im not sure they can even admit to themselves what they done... but I hope they never forget what they done. I hope Chriss father thinks everyday about what he did. I hope it haunts his dreams. I am so sorry for all your pain...so sorry for your son Chris.... I really am. when I first read your story I bawled.. You are in my prayers and I truly hope they are able to give him what he deserves.