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Counting down

On Sunday 8/29 it will be 3 months to my son's trial. I'm so nervous about everything, I'm making myself sick. I worry about how it's going to be, or if it gets postponed, or something, I worry about how my sons will be, will I have enough people with me, what the other families will be like, will they be awful like they were at the preliminary? IDK I'm just so scared. I know 3 months sounds far, but for me it's like OMG it's so short time away! I pray to God that everything turns out and my son gets the justice he so deserves!!!! 15 years old and shot execution style, my stomach turns everytime that thought even crosses my brain, which I do a lot by the way. How can I not??? I know we all think of those last moments and it rips me apart.

Re: Counting down

Three months is a very short time our trial came up so fast I didn't have time to think about it. But you never know what will happen our justice system is so screwed up. As far as I am concerned you shouldn't have had to wait this long.
Love ya
Hang in there
Jimmy's Mom

Re: Counting down

I agree with you Shirley I wish I didn't have to wait this long. I see so many go happened at the same time or after and they went to trial. But then I think of those who don't have any arrests or nothng moving along. It took 14 months for the arrests to be made, and then all this time of waiting, I just get so worried that something will happen and it will get postponed and I wll have to wait longer. I'm getting so nervous and scared and worried and just a mess about it. I hate even thinking about it but it's always there, and so many questions I have popping in my head and I can't help it!!!! It just I'm a wreck about it all.

Re: Counting down

Yes dear spaz mom we know all too well the waiting game. We are scheduled for November and I am sure they will wait until the last minute to tell us they are postponing until next year because his attorney won't be available until she is done with the cop killer case but you have to be prepared anyway cuz you just never know what will happen next. Like with Nanci and Travis' trial it was so hard to believe that it was actually happening after so many delays. Like we have nothing better to do than have what is left of our emotions jerked around just a little bit more ya know??? Luv ya....Laura & AV

Re: Counting down

I know I'm just so nervous! Not feeling well and having so many other things going wrong in my life and having the trial coming up especialy around all our birthdays and the holidays it's just to much to bare, I think if I'm like this now, what am I going to be like when it comes?