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I hope all is well as can be for all of you. I wanted to share this video with you moms. My sons name is on plaque number 29. I have been to one conference and they are just amazing. I wish I could go every year. If anything you should all try to go to at least one.Wow, three years! I don't know why but this year has been so hard for me. I think my shock is wearing off and I am really feeling and realizing that he is NOT coming back to me. I have cried more than I did before. I can't even mention his name without crying. I miss him so much!!! Sunday I was at church and a mom nd her son sat right in front of me. Her son must have been 1or years old and I could not even look at the little boy. Oh, how he reminded me of Gene when he was that age. I mean the same color of hair, the little fat hands. He was dressed in jeans with a plaid shirt and that was the way I dressed Gene. You know when a child that age is just staring at you, you usually look at them and say something to them,smile at them, but I just could not. I tried so hard to hold in my tears. This is just not right! Not fair! I DON'T HAVE A SON ANYMORE! I am so sorry moms. I had to vent this out and I know that I can do this here and you all will understand what I am talking about. Thank you. Thank you to all you wonderful moms. My prayers are with all of you always. Luv you all.

Re: Video

Where is the video? Where you at the POMC conference? I was there!! I wish we could have met!! I met Darien, and so many other mom's I've met thru the POMC. it was so surreal, heart wrenching, I cried I think most of the time I was there. All those plaques with the names (my Timmy is not on there I don't have the money for it) and then the bag pipe playing amazing grace I lost it. So sad, all those sweet beautiful angels.