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For me the worst thing about losing my precious Laycee Grace is knowing that she spent those last minutes of her little life afraid and in pain.she was beat so bad she suffered brain death before reaching the hospital. by someone she loved so much and trusted.by someone i too loved and trusted. Why did i leave her with him. i ask myself everyday. the guilt eats me alive.... I try tio tell myself maybe god was there and took her before she felt any pain. but seeing my poor bruised angels face in the hospital, i still see it vividly on a daily basis, its hard to believe my honey went peacefully. i dont even know how long he waited after beating her before callling me THEN the police. i will never understand how this happened, or why. why why why? why did it happen to any of us? all of us? its not fair. i miss my baby so much...

Re: pain

I will never in my life understand how someone could beat an innocent little baby it sickens me. We will always ask WHY and never know the answer to that nagging question. The whys the what ifs the if onlys it's been 2 and 1/2 years for me and it hasn't gotten any better I miss my Jim more and more with each and every passing day. Not only have we had our children taken so brutally it seems everyday life isn't even easy anymore. In no way,shape,or form was your sweet baby's death your fault the only one responsible is the POS that murdered her. I am sure all of our angels are watching over Lacyee.
Sending to you bunches of hugs
Jimmy's mom

Re: pain

Dear April
I agree with Shirley,I will never understand how someone could beat a baby.I read both of your posts and am so sad right now for all the pain you are bearing.I refuse to go to that dark spot where I see my son DEAD instead of the vibrant person he was.I surround myself with happy pictures of him and try to think of only the happy memories we shared.Oh don't get me wrong those images creep up on me all the time but I shove them in another place,cause I refuse to believe it's over.You were given an ultimate blow because it was by someone you loved and who you thought loved you and Laycee.All of our situations are sad but I think you and Lois have the worst of the worst because this was done by someone you trusted with your child.Please,please stop beating yourself up.This was not your fault,just the sick b------ that caused this grief.I hope this helps you when reading it,I firmly believe it to be true in all our childrens deaths Daniel chapter 3 verses 1-30 old testament King James Version of Bible.The Lord and His angels carried our children home to Him.Love and God Bless