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maybe im losin it

Hello there ladies. Im sorry to get on here and vent but **** ive been having a really hard time lately. I miss my angel baby so much. My heart is aching for her badly. I now have a boyfriend and he has absolutely no understanding of what i have been through. Ive known him for years, he even went to Laycees funeral. I am so tired of holding in all these feelings, I miss her everyday. I feel like no one but you ladies understand what I go through mentally every day of my life. Only you know that its an everyday battle to try to act normally for everyone else. waking up everyday and Laycee is right there on my mind and shes the last thing I think of before I sleep. The only person I have to really talk to is my therapist thank god for her. shes great.Im missing my other two kids cuz they are still with thier dad for the summer. I just feel lately like im at the breaking point. Im tired of acting like everythings fine when it feels like nothing really is. Im stressed about not working, waiting forever for disability, Ive been feeling so alone lately. Im so glad that even though I dont know you all personally, I know at least some of you know what im going through. sorry to run on and on but i feel alittle better just getting that out. You are all in my prayers. take care of yourselves.. love to you all

Re: maybe im losin it

That is what we are all here for so vent away. You are right no one really understands what we are going through. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have all the other moms to vent to, my family tries to understand and they are in pain from the loss of Jimmy too but no one but another mom going down this same path knows exactly what we are going through.
Love N Hugs
Jim's mom