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need to talk

Good Morning MOMS,
I don't even know where to start...which is rare. Life can be so unreal...or surreal as Chris decribed his...now I can only imagine his nightmare living alone with that sick,sick pos.
I got a call from the pros, V/a thurs Aug 5th. She told me the 2nd polygrapher agreed with the 1st. His story is pure b/s...my boy was resting on the couch...there was no fight I knew that...my imaginnation has been running wild about Chris' last moments with that monster and it's not good...
I mention Aug 5th because she also told me about Vinelink that tracks inmates. Nice of her to tell me finally. Anyway I found out he's being held in a prison medical facility on Oahu. Why I don't know, could be his mind, leg, safety that's private...
I saw his picture..........his eyes.I still see them. Anyway I also found out his release date..Feb 5th 2011...now less than 6mos left and they will release him...oh that's right he still has probation. That really makes us feel safe.
You know it was in the plea agreement and the v/v said they probably wouldn't enforce that. But that was before this 2nd opinion came in so......

After this news later that night I learned my sister who has left hawaii and is now here with us has just been diagnosed with emphysema...my little sis, our hypochondriac has a real illness and it's bad, she's scared. I'm so glad she will be here but life continues to change. I continue to see how little control we have on such huge and devastating circumstances and it sucks.
There's more but this is enough for now...it just helps putting it out there you know?
love to you guys

Re: need to talk

Hi Lois
Our children's last moments I think that is something that haunts us all and will for the rest of our lives. I can't even imagine the fear each and every one of our angels must have gone through,trying so hard to cling to life to no avail.
I don't understand at all how some of these murdering POSs get just a slap on the wrist for what they have done our justice system needs an overhaul.
So sorry to hear about your sister, I am sure that being with you makes her feel a bit better.
Jimmy's Mom

Re: need to talk

Dear Lois
For me I needed to know in the worst way was Nicky in any pain when he died.Very important for someone who spent years nuturing every boo-boo that he encountered.I guess we'll never really know but I like to think that he was carried into the next realm intact and happy of heart,not kicking and screaming.

As for that sorry excuse of an ex husband and father,what are they going to do about the 2nd polygraph now? Why weren't the results ready for trial? His being in a cushy medical center reminds me of Lisa's killer Let's cater to the criminal.Makes me sick!!!!

Sorry to hear about your little sis,but gald to know she's with you now.Perhaps you can comfort one another.Love and God Bless

Re: need to talk

thanks Ladies,
I guess I'm just in that space now. I know it's what we hate most, imagining our child's last moments. I just seem to be having trouble not doing it right now.

As far as the polygraph, they allowed the first at sentencing saying they wanted a truthful account within 90 days. The defense wanted the original re-evaluated and this 2nd opinion has finally been done, over a year not 90 days and thats where we are now. But before it was done I was told it probably wouldn't change his sentence even though in court that horrible judge said it would if he didn't tell the truth...Hawaii

Thankyou for the kind words for my sis...she just moved here...and she went to the doctor here after Hawaii's doctors not finding it,she has stage 3 emphysema. I just hope it's the beginning of stage 3...there are only 4...and yes I'm very glad she is with me