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I lost my job over a year ago

I just thought I'd let you know a few things that have happened since I last posted.
John's brother JoJo is a Daddy. A little girl Alexis.
Jimmy is in jail for drugs. That's Johns youngest brother. 18 years old.
I lost my job at the telephone company when Obama hit office. The unemployment isn't enough to live on. Now it's either run out or going to be extended. there are no jobs in Georgia. I'm scared to death but what can I do?
I've gained weight and stayed very depressed. I wish I could find a job but I don't see it happening unless a few million illegals get deported. I'm not going to say more than that. I just wish things were back to the way they were. I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Oh well. I don't have internet, I've come to afriends house for the day. So I may not see your post for a while. If you do post that is!
Take care of yourselves. Pray of our country.

Re: I lost my job over a year ago

Lost my job over a year ago too, I did find another job but only make half the money I did before, but am learning how to get by. I figure at least I have a job. Good to hear from you though it's been a long time.
Love to you
Jimmy's Mom

Re: I lost my job over a year ago

It's me. I only check my email twice a month. Good to hear from you. They cut my unemployment check three weeks ago, I have to reapply to see if they will extend it. So far I've had my gas cut since April. I've been really lucky on the light bill. I don't turn anything on unless I absolutely have to. I got help from a Mission here in Norcross. But they only help once. I guess too many people need help. I feel bad that I can't find a job, but it's like a lottery and I've never won a lottery either. I don't know how much longer I can hang in here but I may have to have my brother come get me and take me to Arizona. He lost his job last September. He only gets $100 a week on unemployment. Hard times are here, but as we all know there are always good times and bad times and neither last forever. So that means good times are coming.
Take care
kiss kiss

Re: I lost my job over a year ago

Seems life has gotten so much harder for so many of us. Trying to stay afloat in this messed up world is so hard to do. I work but never seem to keep the ends met, always something hits me and everything goes spiraling out of control. It never seems to end, and just makes the pain harder to bear I'll never understand why we seem to get hit harder every day with all the pain we already live in.