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Re: Our Angels

Thank you for puting Billy Lee on your video.God Bless.Allways thinking of each of our children.
Bobbie Billy Lee's mom

Re: Our Angels

Ehankyou for finding Chris, You are one very nice lady. It's a beautiful and sad tribute seeing all our beautiful children gathered together here as they are there

Re: Our Angels

Dear Shirley Wow I didn't expect a video of our kids this soon.Thanks for including Nicky in this beautiful tribute.Where do you find the time? These videos continue to bond our angels together and our families.Thanks again and let me know about that class will you? Love and God Bless

Re: Our Angels

This is a do over when I watched this once again I realized I missed Travis. Not sure why the pic of Kaylin is there I deleted it cause it was to fuzzy guess she decided to stay.

Re: Our Angels

Hello Jim's mom. I don't get on the computer anymore, actually was not planning to today either, but so glad I did. Thank you for including my son in your video!

Re: Our Angels

Thank you for always remembering Mark. I'm going to try and make a video/slideshow one day. Hope all the MOMS are doing well. Love to you and your Angels!

Take care,

Re: Our Angels

Great video, thank you too for including Timmy. Love this song always did and so true, forever young. Oh how it hurts my heart!!!

Much love