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I think about the moms alot and long for the days when we went into chat so many of us at one time laughing and picking on each other not knowing that we could ever laugh at anything ever again. I see how other moms in the past have drifted apart with maybe only a couple of them staying in touch. I really hope that never happens to us. I know our roads/journey are the same but it seems that the further down the road we go our roads start to seperate but I know in my heart esp with email they can come back together if even just once a week. I carry all the moms and their angels not only in my heart but in my stories and conversations daily. I am sure the black hole would have swallowed us many many times had you guys not been there for us. I am not sure if this makes sense but I feel like we are in the "running" stage afraid to stop because I know that black hole is just sitting there waiting. At night I am so wound I can't sleep plus we all know what happens at the end of the day if we aren't totally physically exhausted or where my mind goes each and every night and the pain that comes with it. BECAUSE NO I HAVEN'T GOT OVER IT YET! Luv & Miss ya all and hope to see ya's in chat soon....Laura & AV

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I think of all the moms and our angels every day, you guys are my friends the only ones who truly understand how I feel and what I go through daily Cause you are right there with me. I know I would have totally lost it by now if I didn't have all of you. I do so miss the nights when the chat room was standing room only LOL, that was the only time I could laugh and have fun without feeling guilty. So many times in the last 2 and 1/2 years I have fallen into that black hole but pulled myself out with the help of my sista moms. For awhile now I have felt like I have been on the edge once again so I am right here with ya Laura runnin.
Love yas
Big Jim's Mom

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Dear Laura/AV/Shirley
Glad to hear from you guys.It's so nice to know that the MOMS still remain in touch.I noticed that more and more come and go and then back again.I personally think I'll be on this board for years and years to come because my sadness always goes back to square one and where I learned to at least cope with Nicky's passing.It is all you fellow MOMS that glue me back together when I'm undone.Thank you for that MOMS.I don't know where I would be without all of you who never care how many times I say I MISS MY SON.Love and God Bless to you all.

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I will love and cherish all of you who have been there for me for the rest of my life. I wish I could come on more but I am going thru some dark times right now and don't even have the strenght some nights to even sit up straight. I miss you all so much and I remember those days laura, but for some reason as time goes by life gets harder I just don't understand how I'm ever going to live any kind of real life now. I see my boys falling apart. But I know I need to lead a good happy life in Timmy's honor and I'm hoping I gain the strenght to do that. They only win more if they take more away from us don't they, I guess I need to keep thinking that. But right now I'm lucky if I can go home and cook dinner.

I'd never have mde it this far without my mom's.

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i still love you all i will be back in the chat room soon i am sorry i have been away it's so much in my life that i am going thru right now that some times i think that i am going too loose it any day and i know you all feel the same way too i am praying for you all each day love joann hubert mom .ps av and laura i haven't forget to send you something i will send it soon this week love and hugs joann hubert mom.