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My Jimmy slideshow

I decided to try this One True Media that Kim uses it is pretty cool. I am working on another slide show of our angels.
Love You All
Jimmy's Mom

Re: My Jimmy slideshow

Dear Shirley I just got done watching Jimmy's video.It was beautiful and I saw pics that I never saw of him before that was cool.Good luck with future video's glad you're making them,I never learned how.Maybe one day girlfriend you'll hold a class ha ha
Have a great day.Love and God Bless

Re: My Jimmy slideshow

What can we say VideoMaster!!!! Awesome cuz Jimmy was the star of the show and of course cuz his Momma made it! Great job can't wait to see the next one. We have been dormant at the video making and it has been on my mind so I am glad you picked up the slack for us!!!The Slackers....Laura & AV

Re: My Jimmy slideshow

I love the slideshow!

Re: My Jimmy slideshow

Wow. That slideshow was very nice. I been trying to download a cd with Laycee on it but cant figure it out. That was really nice. I love the song too.

Re: My Jimmy slideshow

That was so awesome Shirley, you're making Jimmie proud. Beautiful...