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How can this be?

Good Morning Ladies...it's one of those mornings...I look at the screen and the tears keep coming and I don't even know what I would like to say.
So I guess I'll tell you about the tape......
I've mentioned I have 30 mini cassetes of my son's that my friend Josh is transferring to disc for me.
Most of it is surf footage...he was incredible.
There is one of he and the boys stuck in the airport in Austraila...they mention the movie the Terminal often...Chris flirts with the info girls and I watch him make them smile...what a gift.
So Josh has done 7 so far...and to see Chris on them is still a gift because unless he was filmed body-boarding he was the camera guy. So I wait and hope I'll see my boy.
This last one...my son at his truest self...and so unexpected. I was a little nervous about watching as it was labeled 'Mark's head wound'...someone filmed the ride to the fire station...it was a horrible injury...Chris was comforting Mark as he held his head. All that love...trying not to let his friend know how bad it was...what a gift. And then the next day, the follow up. He was so kind...telling his friend how he handled...Mark was Chris's best friend.
What a duo...Chris was a few years older and had at least a foot on his friend...Mark a little guy...maybe 5 foot. It Chris at his best...I miss him so.
So another morning waking up still to the unbelievable
reality of this horrible wide awake nightmare...
and I ask God to let me feel my baby close and I do.
Because if I didn't feel Chris with me watching...I don't know.
And this nightmare has unwritten chapters as his killer/father has less than 6 months time left...Chris will just be gone 2 years 2 months...and I knew before I read the report he had shot my boy as he slept...how unfair can life be
Why did he do that to my boy....I really wish he hadn't.....
The tape was beautiful...I had to stop after I saw that part...it got my heart...I haven't been able to turn it back on. But I will..........
Love to you and I hope the day is good to you all

Re: How can this be?

I am so glad you have these tapes to watch I have a bunch too. Chris and his surf board how cool is that. I have Jim and his motorcycle he was an awsome rider.
I have a few with him talking I love to hear his voice he too was a video guy.
Bittersweet so sad that this is all we have now our pictures, videos and memories.
Love ya
Jimmy's Mom