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people complaining about little things

Last night at work two women were complaining about so many stupid things, this goes on all the time. I finally looked at them and said " You think you're having a bad day? My friend is trying to make it through the third anniversary of her 15 year old son's murder". I went on to explain how Timmy was murdered. One of the gals just looked at me and said "I'm having a good day". The other got goose bumps I could actually see them raise up on her arms. Not much ******** and complaining after that.
Love ya all
Jimmy's mom

Re: people complaining about little things

Oh Shirley, you are wonderful!!!

People who have nto walked in our shoes have no clue what "real" heartache is. Our little problems have no meaning anymore because nothing can compare to what we live with every day.

Love you girl!!

Re: people complaining about little things

Hi Shirley...Yeah!!! to you. I work with the public, in a bakery,in a $$$$ area. You don't know what I see...such... such... such IDIOTS...rude, unconcious, spoiled...their world has stopped because we have run out of their fav donut. I mean they get mad and don't hesitate to complain or show their disapproval...like it's my fault...like I care...like it's just a donut...try running out of time with your son...it's just a donut...and I lost my son
So thank you Shirley

Re: people complaining about little things

Lois and Bette
Sometimes the Portuguese just comes out in me. What can I say. I just get so sick of hearing people whine about stupid things. Like Laura says she would like to take her shoes off and tell the whiners here take a walk in these.
Love yous guys
Jimmy's Mom

Re: people complaining about little things

Hey fellow MOMS
Your post hit the nail on the head about whining Shirley.Working in the hospital I knew what I was going back to and I've had to bite my tongue everday I've been back since my leave when Nicky died.2 years worth of complaints about the littlest things.Taking a rescue for a cold that someone's had for 3 days,stubbed toes that barely broke skin,giving the nurses a score of 1-10 pain level an 8 for a splinter.Nicky's response when they asked him was an 8 and he died 1 hr later.People in general are just so desensitized to what others around them are going through.Being human I'm sure I fell into that category more than once and I just hope that I'm forgiven for anything that came out of my mouth before I knew what true sadness and pain is.I'm sure no one there will complain to you again about their stupid little problems when they are working with someone who has lost the dearest thing in her life and can tell them endless stories of others who are also trying to just survive another day.Love and God Bless

Re: people complaining about little things

Boy have you got that right Shirley and Good for you telling them just how it is!!!Get over it!It is so hard cuz I know so many people just don't get it as they expect us to get over something so devastating to our hearts that leaves us so broken. Yet they have the most menial and trivial complaints about crap that don't make a rats bit of difference anyway! Luv ya...Laura & AV