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Last-memories site question

I'm not so good at figuring out the graphics and stuff. I work on it for hours before I finaly do and then I'd forget 2 mins later how the heck I did it!!!

Does anyone know when you go to light the candles, some people have pics of candles next to where you type in your name, email and message, well for the life of me I can't figure out how to do that. I've looke everywhere on that site and can't find how you put a candle picture there? Anyone know how to do this???

Thanks, it's just something bugging me, I see so many nice things people do and wonder, how the heck do they do all that LOL I'm just not that artistic!!!

Love yas

Re: Last-memories site question

It is a setting when you are making the custom graphics...In your case Summer that you designed when you chose the left menu...you selected Style 1 and it apparently does not come with a candle. Not sure why they all should have a graphic for that box but of course you would pick one that does not...I tried several different styles and they all had candles. I even tried to reset yours and it still did not come up with Style 1. So I selected golf and that is where it is at now. You of course can change it back or call me if you need help. But when you create your own custom page or edit your Summer page it is in the left menu style option. Luv ya and sorry I didn't get ahold of you. We were down visiting Melanie and it was hard for us when we left. Laura & AV

Re: Last-memories site question

LOL I still have no clue what you mean LOL I'll go check it out. I am not great at setting up the sites and when it looks good enough for me then I keep it that way always afraid I might screw it up if I play around withit.

Thanks. Hope your visit went well with Melanie you'll have to fill me in.


Re: Last-memories site question

Oh now I see it! Jeez who would have thought that the "candle' would be in the "left menu" style??? Guess I didn't play around with it enough to see that, duh and yeah of course I'd pick that Style 1 wouldn't I and then drive myself whacky cause I can't figure out how come everyone had a candle picture where you light them at??? Only me, of course!!! LOL

Thanks for the help and I like it!!