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My fourth sucked

Naturally Miss Sandra's mother had to ruin all of our plans. So change in plans went to dinner with my sis, her husband, my mom and Shelby.
No sooner got home from dinner when MELISSA was on the phone she was mad because Shelby went to dinner with us and informed me that Shelby couldn't be around Sandra unless she THE GREAT MELISSA OKed his being there. NOT the court papers state that Shelby isn't to be at my house when Sandra is here unless Melissa OKs it. Long story short when she started screaming at me once again I hung up. Two hours later I got a call from the Willits PD I figured she would come to get Sandra and ruin the rest of the planned time but why she involved the police is beyond me. She is a nut case to the max. I told the officer that called that yes according to the paperwork my weekend with Sandra was over and that I would get her ready so her mother could pick her up. She had agreed two weeks ago to let me have Sandra for a camping trip which she then called and backed out of. I have missed weekends because of Melissa and just let it go saying it's ok then she is always late dropping Sandra off and also late picking her up. So I am now filling out paperwork to modify the visitation instead of from Friday to Sunday from Saturday until Monday. I can't pick Sandra up on Friday anymore because of my work schedule and I know Melissa will insist I bring her back on Sunday so will be taking the B---- to court to try to get the visitation changed. Poor little Sandra she kept saying "Grandma I don't know why my mom has to be like this". I told her it was OK and that I would see her in two weeks and that I would have her water slide ready to go when she gets here.
I just don't know why her mother has to be so hateful and spiteful I honestly have never done a thing to her except help when she needed it.
So ok now I have it all out and feel a bit better thanks ladies for listening.
Love ya all
Jimmy's Mom
Wish I could see him even just for 5 minutes I would hug him tell him how much I love and miss him then kick his butt for leaving me to deal with this NUTTY EX-WIFE of his.

Re: My fourth sucked

Dear Shirley Melissa has got some nerve and is pretty stupid to boot.Why wouldn't you let your child be surrounded by all the love she can? Shelby is doing great you say and I was so glad that he spent the holiday with you.Can't that part of the visitation be modified also? Even with all the stuff my son has put my daughter in law through,she would never keep the kids from those that love her.I can't believe she called the cops.What a low life!!! She will wake up one day and realize what a stupid mistake she is making.You always have Miss Sandra who will someday be of age to tell her mother also what a big mistake she made.Those type of situations always backfire.I am keeping this situation in prayer and I have a feeling Jimmy won't stand for it either.No matter how far away he is or where.Good luck with the revision.
I hope all is well with your new job.Do you like it?Are you getting used to the hours? Love you girl,you keep fighting,we are here for you.

Re: My fourth sucked

Thanks Barb
I guess since she doesn't have Jimmy to pick at anymore she has decided to pick at Shelby. Melissa wants to control everything and it drives her crazy that she can't control every aspect of Sandra's visits with me. And it really makes her mad when I hang up on her LOL. I don't have to sit in my house and listen to her scream at me over the phone. The thing is, is that our KOA camping trip is a three day thing just for the kids for three days we do whatever the kids want and she had to miss that because of her wonderful mother. Anyway Shelby is doing good I am pretty sure he slipped up a couple of weeks ago but he is back on track again and I am proud of him.
My new job is OK and yea I like it and I am getting use to the hours just not the small pay checks. I use to make twice as much money so I have had to make some adjustments. But at least I have a job and one I like which is a good thing.
Love ya
Jimmy's Mom

Re: My fourth sucked

I'm so sorry you have to go thru this, my boys would love it if their mom-mom was still here with us because she just loved my boys. Since she died and pop-pop went to live with their dad's sister, we never see him, nor do we get invited to anything anymore, especially since Timmy died. My boys would love to have "their family" to be there for them to know they are loved. Ths woman has no clue how lucky she is!!!!! But I'm so glad you are sticking this out and hanging in there for your granddaughter, love is so powereful!!!!

Love ya Shirley and keep on keeping on!!!

Re: My fourth sucked

She's Messin with the wrong Grandma. LOL!!