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Hope For The Day

Sometimes its so hard to remember life as it was before our

loss. We try to "get back that feeling", but we can't. When

the bottom dropped out from below us, we were crushed, and

the healing seems to be an ongoing work, and we forget what life was

really like "before."

So, we begin to mark the calendar with "firsts." The first time

since it happened....the first birthday, the first movie, the

first time in church, the first vacation, the first holiday. And,

every event seems to be shadowed by the darkness of our loss.

We wonder how we are ever going to go on. Will it get any

better? Will the heaviness ever lift? Will laughter ever be

part of life again?

Our loss changes the entire constellation of our lives. That

fact will never go away. That is etched into our hearts forever.

But, the edges will soften, and events and people that enrich

and bring love into our lives will bless us so that our loss will

not always take a front seat, but will in time become part of

the tapestry of our lives that will add its own bit of special

beauty that we will wear with special affection forever.

If your heart feels like it's breaking in two today, remember

with patience and hope that your life will not always feel

this fragmented and broken. Hope will embrace your heart

and allow love to bless you as joy slowly returns. -Clara Hinton

"No matter how broken we feel today, when we place our hope

in God, we will feel comfort and joy once more!" --Clara Hinton

"..and hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been

poured out within our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was

given to us." --Romans 5:5

Re: Hope For The Day


Re: Hope For The Day

Dear Angie
Thanks for sharing,HOPE is all we have left to face tomorrow.Love and God Bless