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In memory of Bonnie and how we all feel

Dear MOMS I found this on Larry Benis's last memories site and wanted to share it with you.Larry's mom Bonnie died within the past 2 days and although she knew she was dying,I'm sure it is still a deep sadness for the family even though Bonnie couldn't wait to join her beloved son.If you get a chance please stop by his site and give your condolences to the family.Thank you and God Bless


There are many emotions we are hit with in life,

Grief is the hardest, filled with heart wrenching strife.

Nobody knows the worst grief, unless, they lose a child,

To never hear their voice again, never see their sweet sweet smile.

There is no hurt like it,there is no pain like a Mother's grief,

Knowing their child will never again come home, its beyond anyone's belief.

Some people will say with stone conviction, I know just how you feel,

This is just their ignorance speaking , though , for them, this isn't real.

They can't know the horrors we have seen, or the pain that fills our entire hearts and souls.

They can't even imagine the nightmares we have, None of this can they know.

They will say, " Get over it," " Get past," Get on with your life,"

They dont understand when they utter these things, they are only twisting the knife,

That has been thrust deep into our hearts, the second we were told,

Our child wasnt here anymore, they were now trodding on streets of gold.

Grief, an emotion so deep, it cant be explained, Some will never understand,

The ones that have their children close, will never comprehend.

Our minds race at all times, memories rushing through our brains so fast,

Of happy times, of loving times, of the time we saw them last.

Grief fills our hearts, what could we have done, what ifs, hows and whys,

We will never understand, receive any answers to our questions, all we can seem to do is sit and cry.

We sit at their graves for hours, seeking just 1 sign.

Wanting to know their spirit is with us, that they haven't left us behind.

We dream of them still here with us, and wake up so relieved,

For just a few minutes, we thought they were here, its been a nightmare we so want to believe.

But, then, we look around, and see their picture's surrounding us everywhere.

Reality hits and we know its all real, its truly the burden we now bear.

Every day we pray this will get easier, but, it never does or will,

We are trapped in our memories with them, we want everyone to remember them still.

But, life goes on for all but us, memories for others will fade and grow dim,

They won't all remember everything, as we do, a piece of our heart has been taken with them.

We wonder how other's lives can go on, when ours is stuck forever, missing and longing for our child?

Never forgetting them for 1 second, every move, every word, every smile.

But, life must go on for others and we must understand.

Though they loved our angel so much, they cant always hold our hands.

To go on with their lives doesn't mean they didn't love, maybe just can't take anymore tears,

But they haven't forgotten completely, they will dwell on these memories for years.

But, for us Moms, it's different, we will truly never ever forget and never do we want to forget , our precious babies and their fate.

That is why we build these sites to preserve and lock in time all these special dates.

One day we will all be together again, and websites and dates will cease to be.

In heaven we will dwell, with our loved one, this time for eternity.

Re: In memory of Bonnie and how we all feel

This really says it all. Thanks for sharing Barb. Love ya.

Re: In memory of Bonnie and how we all feel

That really is a beautiful way to begin the day...
words that truly express how we feel.
Love to God's newest Angel and her Bubba...they must be so happy.
love to you MOMS

Re: In memory of Bonnie and how we all feel

Thanks for sharing this it sure is right on of how I feel.
Love ya
Jimmy's Mom

Re: In memory of Bonnie and how we all feel

wow, Im sad to hear that about Bonnie, but glad she is with her son again.. I cant waait to see Laycee. That poem was beautiful..a tear jerker for sure. Your in my thoughts and prayers. xoxo

Re: In memory of Bonnie and how we all feel

So so very sad. Thank you Barb for sharing and I will get on the site and send my sympathies.