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A sign from My Jim

I was sitting at my computer this morning and all of a sudden I got the faintest whiff of Jimmy, I sat here sniffing and I knew it was him. Then later I went to visit my sis and when I walked out the door there on her front porch was a dime. I really think my son decided to visit me today.
Love ya all
Jimmy's mom

Re: A sign from My Jim


Re: A sign from My Jim

That Jim...just hanging with his mom and letting her know he stays close. I happy for you that you caught his visit and it made my day nicer hearing about it.
Thanks for sharing

Re: A sign from My Jim

Cooleo Shirley :)

You know me and my dimes!!!!

Re: A sign from My Jim

I am so glad that u are getting some signs. Jim probably knows that u need his help right now. Love ya.

Re: A sign from My Jim

Dear Shirley I can't think of a ncier sign then getting a whiff of Jimmy's scent.I would be so happy as I don't want those little things to ever fade.I have a tight box I keep Nicky's things in and when I get down and out I lift the lid and take a whiff.It has personal things in it,but nothing like him standing next to me and smelling him.
A couple of weekends ago,I went down the shore with my sis's and on Sunday I just cried and cried we were right on the beach and as I looked out on the deck I could see the ocean,sky,little kids playing in the sand and I just couldn't stop crying.The next day I went walking on the beach looking for shells and what pops up but a pine cone.A pine cone on the beach? Well at Nicky's headstone he is under a tree and we collected pine cones from day one and spelled out his name and we miss you with them and everytime I go to the cemetary,I see them and rearrange them due to the squirrels kicking them around,so I know it was him telling me ma,I'm there with you can't you feel me? Yes Nicky I feel you,I just need some little signs along the way.Love you MOMS

Re: A sign from My Jim

Barb, What a beautiful way for Nicky to let you know he's ok and close. I live for those kind of things to happen, when your rational mind can not help but know the pinecone should not be on the beach...but it is.

I wait for signs from Chris and they continue to come. Sometimes suttle,sometimes not. The newest...
Aly and the fam got back from Tahiti Friday...I have such beautful stories to share, later..
So Monday I'm at work and I've been running this tahitian name mentally because they are so different. Where I live gets busy for the summer and there are people who return. One man who I met when I first arrived from Hawaii, we would talk of Chris and his bodyboarding.
So he's back and I tell him how Aly just got back from Teahupoo, he tells me he has a very good frind who lives there...of course it is the same man who was Chris's friend, the father...the name I had been running through my head all morning...Vitea is his name...the name I'd been learning.
The family there had Chris's pictures that were taken with them with their own family photos...they said Chris was special...they loved my son and thanked me for bringing him back to them. I'm in awe...I hope I will meet them some day soon. Simple.Beautiful.Kind.
love to you